Little bits and pieces for Motorola Milestone and Android

Fix for non-working Internet on Milestone (2.36.0/2.38.0)

UPDATE: Simple script for OpenRecovery added

Fix for seemingly intermittent Internet connectivity issues after upgrade to 2.36.0/2.38.0 system.

Add the following lines to /system/default.prop

The values of these properties actually do not matter. The simple fact that the properties are initially defined at all seems to solve the issue. Anyway, I've chosen the google DNS services.

Background info:

nfs modules for Milestone

NFS modules for Milestone as requested.
Compiled from Motorola sources.
You need to insmod sunrpc.ko first, then lockd.ko, then nfs.ko.
Use busybox mount.

insmod /system/lib/modules/sunrpc.ko
insmod /system/lib/modules/lockd.ko
insmod /system/lib/modules/nfs.ko
busybox mount -t nfs -o nolock /sdcard/nfs


Root for X10 mini (pro)

This hack is almost universal.
I've compiled and tested a version for X10 mini.
- download and extract the archive...

You will need ADB from Android SDK and USB drivers for X10 mini (part of Sony Ericsson PC Companion).

Interactive governor

This is an adaptation of the new CPUfreq interactive governor, backported as module for the 2.6.29 kernel (with Milestone specific defaults).

New android hacker on the scene?

Nah... too soon to tell.

She might be more into the cracking of the dolphin communication system instead of digging up some extinct mobile OS...

Landscape orientation lock for Milestone

Update 17 July 2010: Simple application added

The phone can be locked to the landscape orientation by simulating the HW keyboard slide-out, while the keyboard can be actually slid-in.

sendevent /dev/input/event4 5 0 0
It can be useful e.g. when using the Milestone as a navigation device in the car dock while driving on a bumpy road to prevent an accidental switch to the portrait mode.

Samba mount - cifs kernel module for Milestone

Compiled from Motorola kernel sources.

Allows to mount a samba (windows) share, so you can e.g. play avi movies over wi-fi directly from a remote shared folder using e.g. RockPlayer.

Unlike the samba support in the ES Explorer, no downloading to a temp file on the SD card takes place and there's no waiting for the download to finish before the playback begins. When using this kernel module, from the applications' point of view, there's no difference between the network files and the local files on the SD card.


Keyboard layout changer for OpenRecovery 1.14 / GOT 1.02

A simple modification for the OpenRecovery 1.14 and G.O.T.'s OpenRecovery 1.02 that allows to change the HW keyboard layout (QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY) using a menu in the OpenRecovery GUI.
UPDATE: it's included in G.O.T.'s OpenRecovery since 1.03 version.

Milestone overclocking - patch: CPUfreq statistics fix for the overclock module

link: milestone-overclock

UPDATE: Hmm, it looks like the the stats are still broken in Tiago's version. I will look at the his sources and try to find what's wrong. Till that time, better use the module version that is attached here.
UPDATE 27 August, 2010: the patch has been incorporated in the new 1.4 version of the milestone-overclock module by tiagosousa, therefore this modified version is no longer needed.

This patch fixes two issues of the original overclock module (v1.2):
1. broken CPUfreq statistics
2. freq_table_addr and mpu_opps_addr not set by echo to /proc/overclock/omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr (Issue 30)

Milestone overclocking - conservative governor

link: milestone-overclock

If you want to use the CPUfreq "conservative" governor as an alternative to the default "ondemand" governor, attached is the compiled kernel module (from Motorola sources).


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