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Fix for non-working Internet on Milestone (2.36.0/2.38.0)

UPDATE: Simple script for OpenRecovery added

Fix for seemingly intermittent Internet connectivity issues after upgrade to 2.36.0/2.38.0 system.

Add the following lines to /system/default.prop

The values of these properties actually do not matter. The simple fact that the properties are initially defined at all seems to solve the issue. Anyway, I've chosen the google DNS services.

Background info:
Under certain circumstances, particular properties for DNS records are not created during the start of the system. Although the phone is able to get the correct DNS addresses from the mobile network or Wi-Fi, it's not able to store them in the missing properties. Then the DNS resolving either for mobile interenet or for wi-fi (and in rare cases for both) doesn't work until the next reboot.
You can check it using the getprop command.

To be precise: this is actually not a fix, it's only a workaround, though fully functional.

OpenRecovery script: copy the extracted to OpenRecovery/scripts folder on your SDcard, reboot to recovery, launch the OpenRecovery and select from the Run Script menu (in GOT OR it's under Miscellaneous menu).

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