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CyanogenMod 10 for Milestone A853

Alpha preview, not intended for daily use!


Nightly builds:
OpenRecovery 2ndbootOR:

JellyBean is very big, therefore ext partition on SD card is required - part of the system and most of the gapps is installed there.
You can find instructions on how to resize fat and create ext partition directly in OpenRecovery in this very fine guide by pontomedon:
Full guide from stock Motorola Android to CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone
Please use 2ndboot based OpenRecovery for installation to avoid sdcard write errors.

The CM10 builds are using 2ndboot to run custom kernel.

Thanks to Skrilax_CZ, the issue of low performance before the first device suspend has been resolved (L2 cache remained disabled before).
Wifi tethering should work since 20121028 nightly.

Other known issues:
- video recording is not working very well currently

HW acceleration increases application's RAM demands. You can use the included HWA Settings app to disable it per app.

Remember that JellyBean is designed for devices with much bigger RAM than Milestone has. Don't expect miracles.


Thanks for all your work for our poor milestone. Im unable to access the nightly build link.. It may be blocked here could you please post alternate link?

you could try a proxy browser, like

It's a great work and hope there will be a day when the cm10 is as good as cm7 for our old milestone .


Is there any log where I can read what changes in each nightly build? I don't mind if it is a repo, but I can't seem to find it.


Hi, in older versions (I mean in CM7) there were a file called "init.mapphone_umts.rc".
My Milestone is some way broken (bootloop) and commenting some lines in that file has worked before, and now I can't found this file, so every time I run CM10 I can see only loading logo and then it restarts (something with ttyACM0, as I can see in logs; like in topic :/
Could you help me?

The init rc scripts are now embedded in /system/etc/2ndboot/ramdisk

If it were the panic_daemon lines what you've been commenting out before, you can just remove or rename the /system/bin/panic_daemon to achieve the same effect.

Thanks for reply; removing panic_deamon causes bootloop with error `Dropped event because input dispatch is disabled.` (AOL_main.ap.bin), so I thought to change init scripts in /system/etc/2ndboot/ramdisk, but how can I mount it? `mount` displays only `can't setup loop device: No such file or directory` (all file paths are ok) :<


In the CM7, when I use the hardware keyboard, the phone shows the special characters by pressing a button more than one.
For example: a -> á; o -> ö -> ő
Where can I turn on this feature in the CM10?


this feature is build in (Milestone special options) but it does not work for me

the settings-menu is called "extended" (german: Erweitert)

And then the multipress language settings?
Because that isn't working...

japp not working. in cm9 it works

In the CM7 too. Nice! :)

I'm a CM7 user and today installed CM10, its good but slow! Thanks for keeping up to date this "old" phone. Best!!!! You are amaizing!!

Slow? mean you never do it right.

1) Get a fast SD card (Class 10)
2) Reformat SD Card
3) Flash stock
4) SD-EXT enable
5) Wipe all 3, cache, delv, data
6) Flash CM10
7) Flash Gapp updates folder found in OpenRecovery 2ndbootOR

Download 2ndboot OR again and put it to the root of your SDCard.

Seems like doesn't work with Polish PLAY operator's SIM card. Not showing IMEI (unknown), no APN's, unable to search for mobile networks ('error while searching for mobile networks'). Latest CM7 runs just fine on that device with the same SIM card.

Try putting the phone in airplane mode and back to network mode again. Worked for me, and I do believe it is a know issue on this release.
Hope it helps.

Reflashed, now it is OK every 2nd or 3rd boot. Bigger problem is that it will freeze after a couple of hours (even doing nothing, just laying down, swap disabled)
Got back to 7.2.4b; same swap issue here (random reboots/ freezes) but 7.2.4b is way more stable when swap or compcache is disabled.

Never went that deep into testing it. I do notice it ramdomly looses it´s data conection (voice service provider) and I need to manually put it to airplane mode and back on again. New version available. Maybe its better regarding this issues.

USB Debug not work。

hi. just installed skrilaz's latest nightly (with a full factory wipe) and noticed that the long press back button functionality seems to be gone. just fyi. otherwise great work so far.

function can be activated in developer options (last entry)

I've tried the latest nightly and experienced a reboot after about 4 hrs.
The kernel log from /cache/logger/ shows SD card acces problems as the root cause; the card is new and fast (~one weeek old) and I had the same with my old card, I suspect this to happen on CM7.2.4c as well

The kernel log:

mmc0: Starting deferred resume
(some lines)
Panel is turned on
mmc0: Deferred resume completed
mmcblk0: retrying using single block read
mmcblk0: error -110 sending status comman
mmcblk0: error -110 sending read/write command, response 0x0, card status 0x0
mmcblk0: error -110 transferring data, sector 61336464, nr 8, card status 0x0
mmcblk0: end_request: I/O error, dev mmcblk0, sector 61336464

the last four lines repeat many times, and then this:

Read-error on swap device (179:0:61336472)
mmcblk0: retrying using single block read

A reboot occurs shortly after.

The weird thig is that the 1st occurrence of 'retrying using single block read' does not have a corresponding 'Read-error' logged, all subsequent have.

The problem happens always (at least I've seen it always there) after the 'Deferred resume completed' message.
Looked at SD driver sources and saw that the message is printed while powering up the card; the power-up code contains two delays with a comment that a power supply should reach the minimum required voltage by that delay (drivers/mmc/core/core.c lines 871:915).
Both delays are 10 ms, but I wonder maybe this is not enough for our Milestones when the power is needed by CPU, radio and display at the same time?
Would try doubling these delays (they were in charge, the 'Started' and 'Completed' messages were separated by log lines from other tasks) once I learn how to compile that kernel (wonder if a kernel and/or MMC driver binary replace, wherever the code gets linked to, could be done while in the recovery mode?)

Hi all,

Using the updates from :[/url]

Ever since the 20/11 file, the APN settings do not load yet the .xmll file is there & appears intact. I've tried making a copy & reimporting the /system/etc/apn-conf.xml but that doesn't have any impact either.

I would post this on the developers section but I'm not allowed at the moment

Any help would be appreciated!

Actually, I found a reference to this to where one would just simply toggle Airplane mode on/off and the APNs populate thereby giving a Data signal

you're doing a great job. I'm updating every nightly, the rom is increasingly used, but that would be given special attention to the camera app because I think very slow.
sorry my english, I'm from Brazil

Theme Chooser Can,t Use

I add Themechoose.apk Thememanger.apk
to system app
but it cant use either

have any thing to do to solve it?

thanks , I am a Taiwanese English is npt good sorry

The theme engine support is not present in CM9 and CM10 builds for Milestone as it appeared to be too heavy for the phone's limited hw resources (RAM) - its inclusion would render the phone almost unusable when running any flavour of Android 4.x.

403 error when downloading google play.
how to fix?
and when there is a warning pobud opening theme FC

two days ago I installes CM10 on my Milestone. But somehow my Akku gets empty too fast. Today:
8:00 unplug: 100%
10:24 after 30 minutes surfing on ebay: 77%
12:24 nothing done with it: 33%

I can't test via "Cpu Spy" if my phone goes to Deep Sleep.


I get connected to the wifi, but most of the time it seems to get lost.
The wifi icon in the status bar is there, changing from gray to blue constantly.
So annoying! Please help! ♥

can anyone tell what wrong i am doing i have ext2 partiion but wheny trying to install cm10 only android name comes that boot image and notihng going ahead what worng i am doing iam currently using cm 9 and its wokring well

It's a NIGHTLY build, so it may not work...

ok thanks can you suggest me any working nightlies? plsssss

I set up the SIM card PIN.
Sometimes, when the phone start, it didn't display the keyboard to input the pin(Mosttimes, it did display).
I turn on the airplane mode , and then turn off, it display the keyboard again.

woow amazing work jelly bean is so fast and smooth to work but unfroutaly for me its not reading sim card in fresh installation if i upgrade from cm 9 to cm 10 it reads sim card but after reboot again same not reading sim card i am from india

I have to say that all upates since 10/4 has seen a dramatic increase in battery usage when using the simplist app on the phone to the point that I can actually see the battery indicator dropping. There also is some serious lag as well overall as well. I've tried overclocking to 1200, setting to 1100. Governors set to Interactive at the moment but I've tried them all. I also tried a full system wipte, format the SD card as well but still see the same issue.

Anyone else having this, did have this & what was the fix (if any)?

Hi All,

Am I the only one that has to add the following files to the System/framework & system etc/permissions folders each time an update is applied?

The Toggle Mobile data widget button of the notification drawer has a aproblem.
This button is not well synchronized with the Mobile Data on Data usage settings.
Turning on or off the Mobile data on the Data usage Settings, doesn't affect the widget button.
Turning on or off the Mobile data on Widget button affect the Data usage Settings, but when the widget button is ON the Data usage is OFF, and when the button is OFF, the Data usage is OFF

not reading sim needs some reboos or if i put on airplane mode on and then off then its detected and toggle 2g/3g not working well currently hope to get it fix soon and voice search and google search also not working

Is there a way to see what was the changes in Nightly builds?

what were the changes...
sorry for my mistake

On my contact the number is saved like this 0CCXXXXXXXX.

CC = area code (11, 21, 31, 41, etc)
XXXXXXXX = rest of the phone number.

When someone calls me, only XXXXXXXX appear. The 0CC doesn't.
The problem:

2 person with same number, but different area code.
The first person of the contact is showed.


on my contac list:
David 04112345678
Mary 01112345678
In both cases only 12345678 is shown, and jelly bean show David, even if Mary is calling

How can i change the display format of the number to avoid this?

i appreciate your hard working for milestone cm10,i wonder whether we can use theme in cm10?
can you give the theme apk to us?
many people wish cm10 can use theme.
my english is poor,i hope that won't make you misunderstand my meaning


The theme engine support is not present in CM9 and CM10 builds for Milestone as it appeared to be too heavy for the phone's limited hw resources (RAM) - its inclusion would render the phone almost unusable when running any flavour of Android 4.x.

Hi, first of all thank you to to share this upgrade for old phone owners like me. Outstanding Job !!
I was wondering if there is an option or how I can do to enable the boot animation @ CM10 , I think this option was removed from development options.
Could you share with us the why to enable it again ?
Thanks in advance, the nightly version is working OK with my A853, slow but working..
Best Regards

nice work 3g toggle seems workng ok now and any plans to move to 4.2.1 or 4.2.2? and what aabout new camaera app ? any plan to implant it?


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