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Common issues

Power management

phone not sleeping at all
indication: Spare Parts application, Battery history - Other usage/Since last unplugged shows Running (100%)
triggered by: usb or power adapter connection
workaround: after disconnection, reboot the phone
cause: 2.6.32 beta kernel (it happens on all ROMs/firmware that use this leaked beta kernel)


wasnt this fixed

Seems to still be an issue

It can still happen from time to time with the November kernel, but much less frequently.
Hope the final kernel version will fix it completely.

It happens every time I connect a power source, whether it be mains charger or PC USB port. Still, the port is so good that I'm happy to do the reboot to get around the problem...

Well, as you all know, no one can fix the buggy kernel, but Motorola, unfortunately.
We are all waiting for the final kernel version with hope. Let's see what will Motorola give us as the Christmas present...

I've tried to reboot my phone several times, but nothing changed, still running 100%
are there any other possibilities?
Everything else is great except the battery drain, I understand this is the bug of the kernel, but I wish there is a way to avoid it.
GPS, wifi, mobile data turned off, even auto time is off, it just never sleep, with the android system taking highest partial awake usage.

Hi Pavel,

You are talking about a "November" kernel, but I don't see anything on the website of Team G.O.T.
Did you include this kernel in your updates ? Or do I need to flash the SBF file available on your Google Code repository ?


P.S. : Love your AWESOME work, it's a rebirth for me and my EUR Milestone ! crashing
hey i from israel and i use the RETAIL EUROPE (RTEU)
and when i update the CM6 and wiping the is crashing every 5 seconds
what to do?

having installed the new rom it is impossible to put in my google account. furthermore, the market app is missing.

You should install Google apps (there's download link and explanation along the CM6 description on these pages).

Im currently using the firmware update on 22.12.2010 0.04-10.12.22
Even though gmail,talk etc. are available along with the new build, android market still isn't.
I followed the method of downloading gapps and replacing the vending.apk with market(froyo 2.2).apk and flashing it. That however gets aborted.
Please help.


is there a sulotion or fix the hardware keyboard? alsoways after i switch in the recovery console the hardware keyboard to qwertz itsits not working anymore after reboot? only in the recovery console i can use it?


Did you use the Androidiani OpenRecovery (as recommended by Nadlabak ;-))? I use it to change the layout to QWERTZ and have no problems.

Hi, previously I use the got recovery. Now I done it again (after reapply the full rom) with the 1.46 version and all itś working all,

many thanks

When you want to turn your Milestone to QWERTZ witt G.O.T than you have to delete the file 'sholesp2a-keypad.kl' in the directory OpenRecovery\keychars\QWERTZ to fix this problem. After this choose QWERTZ again and it works on your hardware tastatur!

Hey there,

I just discovered that WMA tags aren't really working. All songs are displayed as "unknown artist". Even though album, title and cover tags are working. It's just the "artist" tag.

The files I tested were all working well on the original 2.1 firmware and I'm using the newest version 0.06-11.01.15.


That's probably an issue with the WMA files having "Album Artist" filled in instead of "Artist"; There's 2 seperate artist fields in WMAs, and Windows Media Player tends to fill the "wrong" one in. Check the tags in Windows Explorer's file properties on the details tab.

when: happens when phone is attached to docking station, after a couple of minutes/hours (random?) .
what: the clock display freezes, although all apps underneath operate fine.
severity: not critical, just annoying because of the incorrect time being displayed.

Happens nearly every Night. Is there no way to avoid that?


The memory management seems much too aggressive. My launcher (ADW) is killed almost ever time I'm in an app for more then 30 seconds(I could make it persistent, but then some applications like angry birds do not have enough memory to tun), downloads from the market or google listen will stop if I leave the market or listen apps, and most concerningly music playback will even stop when the phone is idle for more then 20 minutes. This could be unrelated, but potentially the music task could be being killed as the phone is in sleep mode.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues, or know any workarounds?

As well, occasionally the top half of the screen in portrait mode becomes unresponsive to touch input. I can usually get responsiveness back by using the keyboard to cycle to landscape, and using the power button to cycle the screen on and off.

I keep getting random reboots. Not sure if it's because of a clash with another piece of software but it has happened on both Shadowmodbr and Cyanogenmod versions 6 and 7 for Milestone.
Any reason why it may be rebooting??

The Canucks application and Skype both caused issues. The last update to the Canucks apps seemed to fix it. However, I have also had a couple of random reboots while simply writing a text message.

I just upgraded to the official froyo release (UK) and the phone will reboot if you try to set it to anything above 550Mhz.

Nevermind!!! I see the 148 update fixed this! Thanks.

None of the emulators work on my milestone since I put CM7 on it, Has anyone else had this issue?

some days ago I flashed CM7.1 RC12 (14th of July), and today I realize there is quite a big problem with calendar syncing.
All events from the month of July to today are present, but none of the previous ones! Only the yearly recurring ones.
I tried all: disabling and re-enabling sync, deselecting and reselecting calendary, wipe calendar datas from the phone and sync again, but nothing!
Please help! :-/

it's google's issue
there is a workaround described in comments 66 and 74 (change the phone date before sync)

That didn't work unfortunately. And it doesn't happen with stock ROM.
Anyway, I noticed that the calendar loaded just some entries from the past, a "selection" XD.
It behaves quite weird.
I'll live with it, not a great problem ;-)
Anyway, sorry for having posted in the CM6 section.

camera doesnt work on my CM7 milestone, but when i use eclair camera seems fine

this rom is not support for asphalt6 ...always force it not enough memory for this game?
or optimization can solve the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi i got wife a android kenel for wife for xmas and carnt conect my dongle to the device it just keeps saying damaged udisk could some body help me sort this please....lee

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