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Milestone 2.6.32 test kernel overclock module

Attached is the source (GPL) of the overclock module adapted to the Milestone 2.6.32 test kernel. (The already compiled module is included in the zip too.)

Maybe someone will have an idea what all the data added by Motorola to the mpu_opps struct mean...

When used, there's no need to specify the omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr or mpu_opps_addr/freq_table_addr addresses. The values correct for this particular kernel are used by default. The kernel is compiled without CPUfreq stats, btw...

My note about the changes in the new kernel on the overclock project page:
Module compilation:

overclock_MM_2.6.32_test_k.zip8.52 KB


Fantastic, new kernel is overclockable... can hardly wait beta version of cm6 :D

I tried this module and it constantly resulted in reboots. But I found the info you're using different approach in the latest CM6 for MM builds and decided to try that approach - bingo, it works! :) Thanks a lot for that :-)


It works perfectly in milestone overclock!

How to use this module?

hello there,

I'm kinda noob to all the dev- and kernel-specific-related-kind-of-things, but I found something interesting - the also-"locked" xperia x10 bootloader seemes to got bypassed. not sure if that helps you or actually managed to do on your own, but just for the chance you don''s the link :)

again, excuse me if thats useless ^^

The overclocking menu in OR worked fine until a couple of months ago. Ever since, choosing *any* of the scripts (even undervolt / 550 MHz) results in a boot loop at the "M" logo which is only fixed by reinstalling CM7. ¿Do I need this module? I'm running CM 7.1.0 RC9, for what it's worth.
Thanks a lot for your work so far.

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