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CM6 Milestone port specific properties

Specific properties (not implemented in the mainline CyanogenMod):

ro.config.dockobserver=0 (since 0.03-10.10.27)
- disables the dock observer, the phone will not react on magnets, useful for users of carrying cases with magnetic closure, not using docks. (By default, the dock observer is enabled - ro.config.dockobserver=1)

ro.config.volume_keys_rotation=1 (since 0.03-10.11.03)
- enables automatic switch of the function of the volume keys to a more natural order (left vol. key - VOLUME_DOWN, right vol. key - VOLUME_UP) when the phone is in landscape mode. The switching is disabled when the property is set to 0. Enabled by default.

dalvik.vm.dexopt-cache-only=1 (since 0.03-10.11.14)
- as memhack but without the hack ;) By default (dalvik.vm.dexopt-cache-only set to 0 or not set at all), the dalvik-cache of apps in /system is stored in /cache, of apps in /data and sdcard in /data. When set to 1, dalvik-cache of all apps will be stored in /cache. Use with caution, a lot of free space in /data and almost full /cache is not a good thing...

ro.config.no_action_on_plug=1 (since 0.06-11.01.15)
- set to 1 if you don't want the screen to turn automatically on when the phone is plugged to usb/power. It's useful when using a solar power adapter (fluctuating power). Disabled by default.


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