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CyanogenMod 9 for Milestone A853

Main credits:
Obviously, it's the CyanogenMod team and all CM contributors in the first place.
Besides that and my own humble work, CM for Milestone would not be where it is now without the essential works of Skrilax_CZ (2nd-init, OpenRecovery, lot of work on custom kernel, 2ndboot fixes and more), Czechop (hack to the kernel usb initialization code that allows to keep BP working after 2ndboot to custom kernel), f_pasha (gkisystem semaphore patch), Tiago Sousa (author of the original overclock kernel module) and contributions from others that I forgot to list here ;) .
Also worth mentioning is a lot of notable work done by the Defy developers: Epsylon, Quarx and Maniac103
The original 2ndboot code is by Dmitriy Taychenachev and Eugen Maksimov.

Please note that Milestone is not officially supported by CyanogenMod.

xda thread:

gapps 20121225:
OpenRecovery 2ndbootOR:

Because of limited space in system, gapps are installed to /data/vendor. But if ext partition is present on sdcard, they are moved to /sd-ext.
Therefore ext partition is highly recommended for CM9, otherwise the space for apps in /data will be too limited.
You can find instructions on how to resize fat and create ext3 partition directly in OpenRecovery in this very fine guide by pontomedon:
Full guide from stock Motorola Android to CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone

CM9 for Milestone is using 2ndboot to run custom kernel despite the bootloader kernel lock.

Android 4.x requires at least 340MB RAM available to kernel and userspace
As we have only 225MB, don't expect any miracles - the hardware constrains count.

HW acceleration increases application's RAM demands. You can use the included HWA Settings app to disable it per app.

Known issues:
You tell me ;) .

9.1.0d (4.0.4) 07.01.2013
- fix: keep keyboard backlight off while keyboard is hidden
- fix crash on launch of certain apps (e.g. Aldiko) - use workaround for occasional mysteriously zeroed bitmap scale parameter
- Apollo music player fixes - jellybean backports; reworked image fetching and caching (by iwo)

9.1.0c (4.0.4) 30.12.2012
- call recording: fix recording for calls with asterisk in the phone number
- fix the per app HW acceleration disable code to work according to application package name as specified by HWA Settings app (the original implementation [which pre-dated HWA app usage] used process name, not package name)
- re-implement the 'Disable Dock Observer' option - for users of phone cases with magnetic closures (to prevent the screen turning on in reaction to a magnet appearing near the phone)

9.1.0b (4.0.4) 26.12.2012
- fix VoiceSearch, VoiceTyping and Talk (voice) - please use the updated gapps package
- fix adb toggle
- fix possible crash when recording videos and re-enable limited preview frame rate for better Camera app responsiveness
- fix backup of system files (mostly gapps) during ROM updates
- add built-in call recording option; no beeps every 10s during call recording any more
- updated CMFileManager
- wifi: disable 802.11n support by default (HT_Enable in tiwlan.ini) to prevent stale data connections when using certain N routers
- kernel: reverted doubling of the DAC fifo size to 16384 (to prevent audio drop-outs) as it caused broken audio playback in certain games

in case you're wondering why the new build is not uploaded to github as before, see

9.1.0a (4.0.4) 11.12.2012
- fix relaunch of some activities on keyboard slide out/in (e.g. YouTube playback, Root Explorer...)
- CMFileManager included (backport from JB)
- fix unwanted lcd-backlight activation by camera button while the screen is off (was related to the light sensor workaround that allows to use camera button to provoke sending of light sensor data without waiting for ALS interrupt)
- better handling of Basband Processor panic (by maniac103) - instead of immediate reboot like in stock firmware, user is notified and can choose to postpone the reboot (e.g. when he's got some work to finish first). Note about the reason of reboot is displayed after restart.
- workarounds for some motorola RIL issues that cause occasional data connectivity problems (by maniac103)
- optional swap activation on boot via /system/etc/init.d/12swap
-- requires swap partition present as third partition on sdcard
-- swap size (in kB) is determined by persist.sys.swapsize property
-- no persist.sys.swapsize property defined or set to 0 means no swap activation

example how to set persist.sys.swapsize property in terminal:
setprop persist.sys.swapsize 16384

9.1.0 (4.0.4) 05.12.2012
notable recent fixes and features:
- support for connecting to adhoc wifi
- fixed wifi networking when using UPnP/DLNA apps
- note that this build is done from the branch with removed theme engine,
as the theme support seems to be too heavy, hurting performance of our device

- video recording (not exactly smooth yet, but working nevertheless)
- added missing sysctl to prevent RAM fragmentation (cause of gmaps freezes)
- etc.

- camera is working (only taking pictures, not video recording; panorama mode is not working)
- switched back to Calendar and LatinIME built from source
- bootanimation is enabled by default, it can be disabled under performance settings
- baseband selection is under device>advanced settings
- usb and native wifi tethering is not working yet (but should be fixed soon, probably in the next build)

- until the open source solution will be ready, Google builds of Calendar and CalendarProvider are installed via gapps to provide Google Calendar sync. Google build of LatinIME is included to provide access to downloadable dictionaries.
- most of the gapps are installed to /data/vendor. if you are updating from earlier CM9 build, use "rm -r /system/*" in recovery console before installation to make sure you don't run out of space in /system because of previously installed gapps
- bootanimation is disabled (debug.sf.nobootanimation=1 in build.prop), because the default bootanim takes more than 80MB of RAM while running, which may cause issues - from very long boot time to bootloops.


I tried the 64gb card with cm7 and it did not work. I want to know if it will work with cm9. If not I'm gonna stick with cm7 as it does everything I want it to.

the milestone only supports cards up to 32gb

anything more wont work

at all

just saw what you have fixed on github and would like to ask for an official build...


I am using your ROM, and I really like it, gave me a new phone! Thanks for your work. However, I have 2 issues:
- Battery: the battery is drowning very fast, and the upper backside of the phone is always warm. I'm really vorried about this, as I don't know what would I do if I cant charge in 5-6(!) hours
- Root: su is not working, I can't use titanium backup, and the "rooting test app", clock sync is also complaining.

I have registered on XDA, but since I'm noob, I can't post there, and I don't have other issues to fill up the 10 post limit :-) but if you answer there, it's OK :-)

Thanks for your great work, and keep on :-)


The ICS Email apk (and exchange apk) has a lot of issues with active sync, you can read about it everywhere (battery drain, connection errors). I have now successfully restored the stcok Froyo email app, and it works perfectly! However, I'm afraid that later updates will always overwrite it. How can I preserve this one when I want to move on? Is it enough to delete the two apks from the zip?

Have you tried K9 Mail ? I like it much better than the native android e-mail application.

TI released the hardware acceleration libs for rev 1.2.1 and ICS a week ago. I want to ask you how did you succeed in hardware acceleration in ics months ago (I am developing for n900 with the same GPU and I cant get it that smooth like your cm9). Is it the min_free_kbytes you set?

Waiting for next final realease of CM9 for daily usage.



Hey, nadlabak got the new graphics drivers to work on the Milestone despite the locked kernel! I think a new release is coming soon!

Just Awesome Nadlabak.. eagerly awaiting for release....

Thank you...

Hey, nadlabak...I'm looking forward to next release...
Maybe with theme chooser. That would be great. :)

here you can find nightlies if you want to test them ...

thx allot i go try it!!
and good work!!

Hey guys!

I can't seem to get cm9 downloaded, NOT FOUND. Any mirrors or other links?


Hey guys download link isn't working ..Any one got a mirror link ?

Thank you for Your incredible work!
My Milestone is absolutely fantastic now...

I now have CM9 for daily use. Works like a charm. ;)

Johan from Sweden

i m applying the cm 9 on my milestone a853 but somewhere my screen home key not coming when i click it twice for last opened files pls help me on this pblm.....

From Brazil man, congratulations!!!

You work is very nice!!

My Droid work like a charm with CM9!!!

Keep your job!


Great OS, keep up the good work.

I am having trouble following the guide to putting apps on ext partition (Apps2Ext)

When I call up parted on on the phone and do a print ... there is no partitions shown.
I tried putting the SD card in a reader and using gparted on my desktop ... but the same, no visible partition.

So I am stuck ... how do I fix the SD card so that it's current partition is recognized?

I just saw that the latest nightlies are for cm10 (jelly bean). wow! keep up the good work. I've never had a phone so old that still feels so new. Thanks nadlabak :-)

milestone cm9, doesn't detect some wifi networks (ad-hoc from my computer)

Hi, nadlabak!
Can you write a guide to porting CM10 ROM for XT800W from CM10 ROM of A853?
Thanks in advanced!

i try to port cm10 to xt800w but cannot enter system ,Stuck in M i think it have problem about tls-enable.ko what do you think of . can you give me your email ,Facilitate communication

I've read all comments but none has a solution for incoming calls that is not received. Baseband changer didn't work either.
It goes directly to Voicemail and it shows up in Call Log as an incoming call that didn't have success.

Can anyone please provide a solution ?
Thanks so much.

I can confirm the same behavior.

No incomming call. but outgoing is working. also receive texts. need a solution urgent!!!

Hi all, just loaded nadlabaks cm10 from Skrilax_CZ nightly build, I have disabled all apps using hardware accelerator which improved speed and fluidity. Seems much smoother than cm9 but I don't appear to have any radio, so can't make or receive calls. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Installed cm-10-20120823 from Skrilax_CZ and can now make and receive calls. I've had a couple of force closures on the browser but it's far better than cm9 and as of yet keeping me from returning to cm7. A big thankyou to Nadlabak and Skrilax again.

Baseband missing , i don't have signal (cm10)

you must push Flightmode and push this in to normal mode and wait .. it work

mám dotaz jak je to s verzí CM10 a s tebou. Tu jsi pomáhal psát či si ji psal? Je to určené na Droida/Milestona A853?
S pozdravem Honza
už cca 3měsíce používám CM9 odsud - zatím bez větších problémů. Jen ten foťák si dává načas :D.

I've been using CM 7.2.0 (2.3.7) for a few months now, after creating Apps2Ext it is faster. Thanks a lot for all the legit work. Also tried CM 10 Nightly last week. It is slow as expected with a few crashes. Reverted to CM 7.2.0 (2.3.7). Installed TrustGo Antivirus as well. Very happy to be with CM. Thanks from India.

First, Great job nadlabak!!
I recently changed from cm7 to cm10. i know that cm10 is still on the begining, but i thought that this could be a feedback for your development.
On cm7 I used Runkeeper to manage my exercises, but unfortunatly on cm10 it always crash when i start an activty, then i'm asked to report the crash.
Anyone had something like that?
Thanks for your work!


My best wishes and congrats for the great work!

Bst Regds!

VFreesz (BR)

IMHO CM10 runs better than CM7.2.2 at this stage... Wifi not working yet for me, but the fact that I can use the latest nightly for daily use says a lot! Very stable, and seems to recover from low memory situations very well - no freeze yet. No realistic sense of battery yet as I have been tinkering and tweaking non-stop since yesterday! Thanks as always for your brilliant work, looking forward to the next versions.

Grazie Mille !
From Italy

The latest nighly fron Skrilax is great, but just without Trevuchet.
Memory wasting...

Thanks a lot!

can you provide the link for download

Kadlaban don't allow it

skrilax nightly

I know that this is not the right place, but...
Anyone tried and got a Reverse Tethering on USB?
I've tried this:
Another thing i tried and didn't get: connect to a ad-hoc wifi.
I already tried this:
Thanks for all

Hey Guys!
Anyone else having the problem, that tebuchet crashes every time after some seconds, when you enter the widget selection screen? i completely reformatted my ds card to be sure its not some leftovers, but the crash started happening again after i installed some apps from the market.

Me again,
this time i installed app by app and checked every time if the widget screen still works...the google+ app as the one causing the problem. could you guys check if this only happens on my device or maybe also yours, please?


Thank you! :)

Don't have these widget bug yet. But.

No imap over wifi.
Random reboots when screen turning off, possibly caused by 2g/3g toggle?

Apart from that, nice! Battery is drained, probably by reboots and coldness, will run dry on me before Ireach a power socket today :(

Congrats nevertheless!

First, thank your for your great work on milestone!
However, expecting these two features in CM9:
1. I could not find application permission management setting in CM9. It is quite useful feature in CM7. Why it is missing?
2. Your latest CM7 updates have upgraded the built-in Camera application that works very smooth. Could this upgrading/bug fixed also apply to CM9?


Please bring back the "No action for magnets" option... At least I haven't found...
Plugging it on the dock kills my device... Everyday I need to reboot it after taking it off the dock.. My swap partition which usually runs below 100mb, runs up to 300mb after unplugging it...
Today it rebooted by itself... A message appeared saying it rebooted because of something wrong with the phone layer
Another day I let my phone near a cashier machine and it just went crazy.. screens rolling, sms being written, apps opening..

Please nadlabak update the recent rom to fix the issue!! Frustating...(when suspend the phone,it reboots... :(( )please fix. FASSTT! ! ! What happen??? Please auswer! !

Sorry for my bad english..


when I'm trying to make an ext partition there is a problem, my phone can't recognize SD Card's file system.
What can I do about it?

voice issue has been fixed

- frequent reboot issue still persists (telephony crash)

hope to shift to CM10 once it is suitable for daily use

nadlabak, you and all the guys working on this are really awesome, thank you very much for your work :D

It would be great to have an option to disable voice mail notifications (like CM7 has), it's a feature I miss since I migrated roms.

If I can help with something, give me a call :)


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