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CyanogenMod 6.1.2 for Milestone A853

Status: release of an unofficial CyanogenMod 6 port for Milestone

Announcement: CM6 for Milestone development continues thanks to Michael
watch this XDA thread:

Please, report bugs and issues here:

Important: Please, use the new OpenRecovery 1.46 for CM6 installation - the system partition was not being erased properly from the update package install script in older versions. (yes, it's finally fixed, Yantz ;) )
The Androidiani OR has been updated to be based on 1.46 (in version 3.3), so it's recommended too.

18.03.2011 0.08-11.03.18
- proprietary files update
- various wlan connectivity issues fixed (some N routers, wpa2, 801.x enterprise etc.), as in current CM7

28.01.2011 0.07-11.01.28
- proprietary files update (boot.img=>kernel, modules etc from SHOLS_U2_05.26.0)
- the infamous SMS bugs fixed (the OS version should actually read 2.2.2, sorry, I left 2.2.1 there)
- Greek support added to LatinIME 2.3 (including dictionary)
- ext4 module included (can be used to mount ext2 only - writing to journalled ext3/4 is not working correctly yet)
- new separate BPSW package (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0)

15.01.2011 0.06-11.01.15
- proprietary files update (boot.img, modules, libaudiopolicy), no sleep after usb/power unplug seems to be finally fixed
- added property. When set to 1, the screen will not automatically turn on when plugged to usb/power (useful especially for users of solar power adapters). Disabled by default, can be changed in /system/build.prop.
- TI OMX libs compiled from sources again (thanks, Edgard)

28.12.2010 0.05-10.12.27
- battery top charge level fixed, updated WLAN driver, ...

22.12.2010 0.04-10.12.22
- 2.3 keyboard (with all the dictionaries as usual, plus 2.3 framework/ex included), but no prediction for hw keyboard yet
- media_profiles.xml adjustments (safer high camcorder profile h264 bitrate) + small camera fixes (sounds etc.)
- small agps fix (issue 295)
- multitouch.distinct defined (fix Google Maps 5.0 rotation gesture etc.)
- bluetooth discoverabilty timeout configurable (thanks H.Czedik)
- modversion change to easily distinguish current build
- etc.

12.12.2010 0.04-10.12.12
- AAC and AMR Wideband audio encoders are finally working!
- additional video quality camcorder profile added - "middle" (customize it in /etc/media_profiles.xml)
- Camera app - fixed encoder change from UI not being used until camera reinitialization, camcorder shortcut added
- adjusted smartass governor defaults

8.12.2010 0.04-10.12.08b
- ignore light sensor when flashlight is on (better solution based on updated flashlight code), SMS time stamp fix, input method chooser dialog fix, smartass governor included etc.
- cpufreq_stats module included (b), Torch app in sync with all widget's flashlight buttons - fixes possible FC (b)
Note: there is a leftover backup file /etc/init.d/10overclock~, please delete it, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

3.11.2010: the github repos finally updated, custom building ready:

To do:
- done prepare and release the source for custom building (=> installation via in the future)
- clean up the mess in init scripts
- done by Skrilax_CZ - 2nd-init, many thanks invent some better init hijack
- done make some non polling usb fix (for now it's using the Dext3r's script - thanks)
- etc.

Download links:
Google Apps (for HDPI devices):

Additional downloads:
BPSW (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0):
- if you have not flashed the 2.2.1 sbf before, you can use this package to update you baseband processor software
adb_during_boot (for debugging purposes):

- the main init scripts are located in /system/etc/rootfs
- clocking options (frequency table, vsel table and governors) can be set in /system/etc/init.d/10overclock
- Adobe Flash can be downloaded and installed directly from Adobe web or from Android Market
- USB tethering: use Solutor's USB Tether app -
- if you have installed adb_during_boot and the usb is connected during boot, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the usb cable before you can mount the SD card to a computer. chmod 644 /system/etc/init.d/00adb_during_boot will disable the early adb mode and the mount will be possible immediately.

- use OpenRecovery Apply Update menu to install the zip copied to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates
- data wipe/factory reset is highly recommended when you are upgrading from another rom/fw or from 0.01/0.02.
- the included RIL files are for the European frequencies, if you are in Canada, US, Lat Am or Thailand, you will need to replace them to get 3g working
- if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)

OpenRecovery Mod (with CyanogenMod6 for Milestone specific customizations):
Non European radio files can be installed from menu in Androidiani OR.

Archive links:
mirror: (thanks)


perhaps u can release this build first and then release a to fix the aac issue, i think many people wont listen aac on their milestone, lol

aac encoder, not decoder - it's needed for video recording

I even wouldn't mind if in the first draft Video recording wouldn't work ;-)

BTW: Thanks for your great work!!!

... in steve jobs words: amaaaazing, incredible, awesome and great :)

keep on rockin' nadlabak! greetings from germany!

why isnt this rom official? who can decide if it is official or not?

Why: On Milestone, it's not possible to use custom kernels because of the boot partition signature check. Kernel is an important part of CyanogenMod.
Who: CyanogenMod developer team, I suppose.

[ it's psychuil who's asking, right? ;) I'm reading the logs... ]

what u meen its pjychuil whos asking?

never mind, I've assumed that after reading the recent #milestone-modding irc log...
too much assumptions apparently

Without a custom kernel what would be the disadvantages? Performance, stability? And not trying to sound demanding, just trying to understand. It's a been a year since the milestone has been released. Is the locked bootloader that difficult to... decrypt or whatever? Tnx

As thousand or may be million around the world said: Thanks for your excellent work doing this ROM one of the best Milestone's rom.

I'm waiting the new release, in the mean time using GOT 2.2.1 and his bug_fix_patch. It's very stable on my LA milestone phone.

Is the music player of your ROM available to install over GOT release? The stock music player is not good enough as your.


BTW: LA milestone mean: Latin American hardware version... Euro ROM seem's to be some radio issues on this kind of devices.

Can this be used for Singapore carriers?

I don't see why not. = )

I have been using it actively since 0.01 was out.

First of all, thanks for the great work nadlabak.
It is People like you and all the dev community that make the android system so darn interesting.

I notice when running your latest CM mod and also the 2.2.1 GOT team with bugfix, I have applications that get "broken" after reboots.
For example, Sense analog widget:
- After rebooting, this widget always fails to load on my homescreen, and it disappears from the add widget window. Re installation makes it appear again.
- My Mario Live Wallpaper also does this.

Can anyone help me with this?


I've had the same issue with Extended Controls on this new kernel.
Hope this will be fixed on Naldbalak's ROM :)
Can't wait for this!

Naldlabak* sorry

Check out CyanogenMod Settings, Applications, check out the Allow application moving, go to the Applications on the General Settings, Manage Applications and click "Move to phone" on the apps you have trouble with.

Had the same trouble with some apps but it's fine for most of them as they don't need to be there as the phone boots up.

I discovered why this is happening. It's happening because your application is installed on SD. Move it phone and it will be fine.

Hi Nadlabak,

First of all: Really really great work!!!
One thing confuses me a little bit:

One the one hand this ROM is alpha, with debugging extensions enabled.
On the other hand a single issue (the aac) blocks a first alpha release.

I guess many people would love to test without video encoding.
If you know no more open issues it is no alpha anymore. ;-)

But after all this is just an input, no critizism, the ROM is really great. (Although meanwhile I and sure a lot of other people are at the G.O.T. rom, to which you also have contributed.)

Best regards, Tino

agree, i think many people wont care the aac part, so release first, then release a hotfix or another final version would be nice

I rather prefer to have all working and only to have some unknown bugs that will emerge during testing and iron out all known bugs and implement all features. I want as "solid" as i can get, even for an Alpha. I dont wanna update 3 times a week, only once a moth or so.

BTW, when a tweeter account? :P

It's simple: I won't release a build where camera can't be used to take both pictures and videos :).

come on be a pal! xD

wow great job im veery satisfied with this mod thanks guys...there is one thing that i want to ask though, why is my quadrant score so low? about 856

06.10.2010 0.02-10.10.06
- media playback - for the local media playback, opencore instead of stagefright player will be used. Please note that it will lower your Quadrant score. Quadrant seems to be unable to test the h264 at all when stagefright is used - it considers the h264 test done immediately, while when opencore is used, the test is actually carried. Therefore, the simple change of the property media.stagefright.enable-player=true will double your score. But it has no connection to the real world. Actually, the h264 playback by the stagefright player has slightly higher CPU demand than opencore h264 playback (and both are using the same TI OMX libraries that do the actual h264 decoding on the hw DSP). If you don't care about the real performance but only about the benchmark results, you can change the media.stagefright.enable-player property back to true in /system/build.prop.

thanks for the quick reply m8, will the new build push our quadrant scores?? :D

Got have released 2.2.1 and new got recovery V2 but phone does lock up but video/camera work fine they must have acc fix
Cheers in advance for your stable version better to wait and be gr8 than hurry to be first out

wen r u launching it man??? since yesterday im just refreshing this page .... :|

right now :)


Rlly????? yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

as i know the leak version is euro, will the new cm6 support hong kong milestone? function like HSDPA is ok?

yes. it will be supported.

As long as your original files/phone were set up for 900/2100. you will be ok.


awesome job on the much awaited release!!! you'll be updating your repo right? i hope this release still branch out direct from cm :) once again, thank you!!


nvm. i posted before you updated this page. thx once again!


hi friend

Congratulations your work is very beautifull
And the problem that causes the touch to stop working when the phone is locked, it is fixed?
I use 4 one day the GOT release and had so many problems that I had to uninstall.

usb connection is nt being detected.... ne idea y???

0.03-10.10.21b should fix it

hmm, got some "verification failed" when using OpenRecovery

thing is: i installed the GOT OpenRecovery+flashed their 2.2.1-sfb
-> can this be any problem?

now i just copied your, do I have to use another OpenRecovery? thanks

I use G.O.T OpenRecovery V2.0 and everything works well
has a link up there

my fault ( in root instead of openrecovery)

works now, although, for some reason email-app crashes and therefore i cant access the market
(also there is still the GOT startanimation)


correct, full wipe (not only dalvik and cache was needed)
sorry, thanks (and big thanks for all the work!)

Sir, YOU RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

My respects. Thank you for you effort and dedication!.

i applied overclock modules in open recovery, but now just can go to 550MHZ, how can i overclock to 1GHz?

would we need to apply the fix prior to CM6 update?

I am physically trying right now, because applying the fix appears to have messed up my Google account syncs.

The G.O.T. OR bugfixes are meant for the Moto 2.2.1 test firmware, not for CM6 - it's completely different ROM.
During the installation of CM6, the system partition is formated first and then all the files installed again from scratch...

nad just to bring to your attention. if you put the signed into sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates and perform the update from within or, the update didnt perform the format. i'm not sure why this happens. i have to wipe everything, then go into console from or and "rm -Rf /system/*" and then perform the update from or's update menu. i'm not sure if its because of got's or but i didnt test it with other or


interesting, thanks for pointing it out, I'll check it

OR Overclock menu doesn’t seem to work.


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