CyanogenMod 6.1.2 for Milestone A853

Status: release of an unofficial CyanogenMod 6 port for Milestone

Announcement: CM6 for Milestone development continues thanks to Michael
watch this XDA thread:

Please, report bugs and issues here:

Important: Please, use the new OpenRecovery 1.46 for CM6 installation - the system partition was not being erased properly from the update package install script in older versions. (yes, it's finally fixed, Yantz ;) )
The Androidiani OR has been updated to be based on 1.46 (in version 3.3), so it's recommended too.

18.03.2011 0.08-11.03.18
- proprietary files update
- various wlan connectivity issues fixed (some N routers, wpa2, 801.x enterprise etc.), as in current CM7

28.01.2011 0.07-11.01.28
- proprietary files update (boot.img=>kernel, modules etc from SHOLS_U2_05.26.0)
- the infamous SMS bugs fixed (the OS version should actually read 2.2.2, sorry, I left 2.2.1 there)
- Greek support added to LatinIME 2.3 (including dictionary)
- ext4 module included (can be used to mount ext2 only - writing to journalled ext3/4 is not working correctly yet)
- new separate BPSW package (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0)

15.01.2011 0.06-11.01.15
- proprietary files update (boot.img, modules, libaudiopolicy), no sleep after usb/power unplug seems to be finally fixed
- added property. When set to 1, the screen will not automatically turn on when plugged to usb/power (useful especially for users of solar power adapters). Disabled by default, can be changed in /system/build.prop.
- TI OMX libs compiled from sources again (thanks, Edgard)

28.12.2010 0.05-10.12.27
- battery top charge level fixed, updated WLAN driver, ...

22.12.2010 0.04-10.12.22
- 2.3 keyboard (with all the dictionaries as usual, plus 2.3 framework/ex included), but no prediction for hw keyboard yet
- media_profiles.xml adjustments (safer high camcorder profile h264 bitrate) + small camera fixes (sounds etc.)
- small agps fix (issue 295)
- multitouch.distinct defined (fix Google Maps 5.0 rotation gesture etc.)
- bluetooth discoverabilty timeout configurable (thanks H.Czedik)
- modversion change to easily distinguish current build
- etc.

12.12.2010 0.04-10.12.12
- AAC and AMR Wideband audio encoders are finally working!
- additional video quality camcorder profile added - "middle" (customize it in /etc/media_profiles.xml)
- Camera app - fixed encoder change from UI not being used until camera reinitialization, camcorder shortcut added
- adjusted smartass governor defaults

8.12.2010 0.04-10.12.08b
- ignore light sensor when flashlight is on (better solution based on updated flashlight code), SMS time stamp fix, input method chooser dialog fix, smartass governor included etc.
- cpufreq_stats module included (b), Torch app in sync with all widget's flashlight buttons - fixes possible FC (b)
Note: there is a leftover backup file /etc/init.d/10overclock~, please delete it, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

3.11.2010: the github repos finally updated, custom building ready:

To do:
- done prepare and release the source for custom building (=> installation via in the future)
- clean up the mess in init scripts
- done by Skrilax_CZ - 2nd-init, many thanks invent some better init hijack
- done make some non polling usb fix (for now it's using the Dext3r's script - thanks)
- etc.

Download links:
Google Apps (for HDPI devices):

Additional downloads:
BPSW (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0):
- if you have not flashed the 2.2.1 sbf before, you can use this package to update you baseband processor software
adb_during_boot (for debugging purposes):

- the main init scripts are located in /system/etc/rootfs
- clocking options (frequency table, vsel table and governors) can be set in /system/etc/init.d/10overclock
- Adobe Flash can be downloaded and installed directly from Adobe web or from Android Market
- USB tethering: use Solutor's USB Tether app -
- if you have installed adb_during_boot and the usb is connected during boot, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the usb cable before you can mount the SD card to a computer. chmod 644 /system/etc/init.d/00adb_during_boot will disable the early adb mode and the mount will be possible immediately.

- use OpenRecovery Apply Update menu to install the zip copied to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates
- data wipe/factory reset is highly recommended when you are upgrading from another rom/fw or from 0.01/0.02.
- the included RIL files are for the European frequencies, if you are in Canada, US, Lat Am or Thailand, you will need to replace them to get 3g working
- if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)

OpenRecovery Mod (with CyanogenMod6 for Milestone specific customizations):
Non European radio files can be installed from menu in Androidiani OR.

Archive links:
mirror: (thanks)


ya me too. sometime it will

ya me too. sometime it will automatic quit the app and the phone will keep on vibrating until i off the screen.


I've faced the same problem with Opera Mini and Mobile - switching to another application and returning starts a new session - no loaded pages, etc.

market does not update and

market does not update and also cannot force to install from apk file

how to get new market

i am running the last build for my milestone and am wondering how can we get the updated market.

Is anyone running the new market yet on the milestone with the latest cyanogen mod?

Running out internal memory

Hi loved your works, its brings my Miley looks soo gorgeous, but i"ve a problem with the internal memory. I've install or move the apps on sdcard but why my internal memory still decrease every time i've install new apps on my Miley. can the ext partition solve my problem?? or do i miss a step of installation??

need your help soon...

Only uppercase accented letters with physical keyboard

If you press and hold a, o, c or many other keys, a list of accenter characters will show up. However, those are all uppercase and I don't see the way to make them lowercase. Anyone noticed that? I'm running CM 6.1.2.

app update problem

when the application moved to the sd card with app2sd, no longer updateable from the market directly. first need to be move back to the phone, update from the market then move to the sd again. otherwise the update will fail.

anyone experience this?

I have the same problem

I have the same problem and I'm sure it worked in older versions.


yes, the older version works fine.

Anyone having problems with Engadget app?

I've used the Engadget app for a while now, to keep up with tech news. Recently, though, it crashes immediately after loading the list of articles - and I can't seem to fix it, no matter what I do. I've tried things such as clearing app data/cache, clearing Davlik cache / cache partition, uninstalling and reinstalling Engadget app, shifting it to/from SD, running the permission fix script, etc - and nothing has made any difference.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with the Engadget app (or other apps which worked fine before, but don't work on recent builds)? I think the issues started for me around the time I installed the December 22 build, so I'm wondering if it's related to the 2.3 bits that've been backported into the latest builds?

Yeah, I have the same problem

Yeah, I have the same problem with Engadget, force closes right after start up. It started happening with the version before this one.
I'm following them on Twitter now, not as easy as their app, but you still keep up with the latest news. ;)

Working again now

I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but it appears to be working for me again now. It could be that there was something wrong with the data coming into the app - is it working for you again, too?

Seems to work on home wifi

Strangely, it seems to work on my home wifi connection - but not on 3G. I've noticed other issues with 3G data being intermittent - I wonder if a connection is failing, causing the whole app to crash because it's not catching it?

Re: Working again now

Scratch that, it's stopped working again! Leads me to suspect more than ever that it's a problem with the data coming in - it seems like there was a short period earlier where the dodgy data wasn't present, but then a new story came along which broke it again. I might have to do some packet sniffing and see if I can work out what's happening...

Well, it is working for me

Well, it is working for me again for the time being. Didn't do anything special though ( I think lol), just started to work again.

Hey! I'm using Motorola

I'm using Motorola Milestone w/ cm1.6 and Smart Key Board pro 3.10.1
In Milestone (Droid) I'v got a physical key that changes the language (for example English to Hebrew and back).
Someone knows how to set that when I press that button It will change the language? and not when I press Shift+Space?
ht tp://ww
(Remove the space in HTTP and WWW)
You can see the button near the right Alt key.

Launcher kills

First of all, thanks for your great work! I really enjoy your mod and I'm looking forward to every new version!

I have a strange behavior and don't know, if it is a configuration thing or something else. I use ADW launcher, currenty ADW launcher EX. With both I have the same problem, after a while they are killed by the system after running an app, even if I run a smaller apps. I tried all different settings in memory manager (aggressive, default, mild) always with option "keep launcher alive". I had the launcher in persitent mode and also used the CM option "keep home app in memory". Even all options together (and any variation) were not able to keep the launcher alive. After reboot everything works fine, but after a while the launcher is killed every time when I for instance start the camera take a picture and delete it.
I'm not running any extra services, only the Google-Services Framework with around 6-8 MB and the keyboard with around 5 MB is running. If I check the active services it seems to me, that around half of the memory is available.

Do you have any suggestions which configuration works best or are there any others facing the same problem?

Thanks for your help!

tv out

the milestone can put the tv or can not

Re: TV out

My understanding is that no, it's unfortunately not possible, due to the way it's wired up inside. It's the same deal with FM radio - some critical things aren't hooked up, so it's not going to be possible.

New Market...

Hi, it's possible to include the new Market in next release?
The apk ( that anyone can find in many sites about Android doesn't work on CM 6.1.2...

Many thanks for your great work!

maybe you can try Oh,No ROM.

maybe you can try Oh,No ROM. Latest Google market V2.27 included. And this ROM is mod base on CM6 12.27

USB connection mode shift cause restart

in many version of CM6 for MS. If I change USB connection mode from "Charge Only" to "Memory Card Access", it's OK. But if I want to change USB Connection Mode from "Memory Card Access" to "Charge Only", it will cause my MS restart. Anyone know what's the problem and how to solve it? Thanks a lot!

I solved the problem finally

I solved the problem finally. It's the problem that I saved so much Brut Google Maps cache (about 2G data and occupied about 5G disk storage) in my 16G sandisk. After I deleted these cache, everything is OK now.

for me it's ok

I tried many times and it didn't restart for me. There was a bug like that a long time ago. Don't know.

Thank you very much, my

Thank you very much, my friend. Did you patch "adb_during_boot (for debugging purposes): " this? I didn't patch this, and i delete many APK in system, maybe this matters.

No, I didnt patch.

No, I didnt patch.

Maybe it's the problem of the

Maybe it's the problem of the driver. I cannot install the driver properly in my laptop, which belongs to my company. Anyway, I will get a laptop early Feberary. And I will see if it's ok in my new HP.

HW Keyboard is not funcitonal in new release

In "update-0.04-10.12.08b-cm-6.1.0-Milestone-signed" , the HW keyboard was working fine.
In "update-cm-6.1.2-0.05-10.12.27-Milestone-signed", HW Keyboard is not enabled, and I could not find a way to enable it from settings.


tried a newer rom ...

I tried a newer cm rom and initially the hw keyboard was fine.
After loading some settings from titanium backup, the hw keyboard became non functional. I haven't spend any more time on this.
I will update if I figure it out.


it's ok for me either

For me it works. I'm using update-cm-6.1.2-0.05-10.12.27-Milestone-signed

SIM card not detected

Hello, my sim card isn't detected. it works fine on my galaxy s, and when i restore the original firmware from nandroid, it works as well.
What could possibly cause this? and how to fix it?

Anyhow, i've been trying it anyways, great work there!


it is possible to use Darktremor Apps2SD-EXT in cm milestone?

i know it is for hero, but ext2-3-4 modules works with the froyo kernel. this is not possible with cm?


At the moment, the leaked 2.2.1 kernel (which recent CM for Milestone builds make use of) doesn't play nicely with the kernel modules for ext filesystems (or several other modules), so you won't be able to use any kind of Apps2ext system. Hopefully, Motorola will release their official Froyo update some time this decade - and hopefully it'll contain a kernel which plays nicely with these modules (or the source they subsequently release will allow for these modules to be compiled to work with the kernel contained in the update), in which case ext filesystems (and all the other kernel modules which are currently not functioning) will be possible again!


thx for the answer :)

disable screen turning on on power

Hi !

I'm planning to use a solar charger to travel, would it be easy to tweak the phone to avoid the screen turning on when charging, just to save those difficultly earned electrons ?

In some situation of low light the charging status "hesitates", and the result is that the screen is constantly on.

Thanks in advanse for any usable information.

hurrah !

swap in rom

Can I enable Swap memory in this ROM? my phone is working without really multi task

android 2.3

Can Android 2.3 or too much to ask to milestone


I'm working on it (albeit slowly) - see the gingerbread branches at
Current status: it boots, wifi and battery charging works. No gsm/umts yet. New sensor interface is in progress but not fully working yet.
The whole CM is moving to gingerbread, the repos are receiving tens of commits everyday by many great developers involved.
Be patient, there's still a lot of work to be done.

That's great! Many thanks to

That's great! Many thanks to you to bring over the gingerbread into MS....

touch screen err

it is not move smooth...and touch often cutoff...

No next alarm display after screen turns off

After the screen once turns off, the next alarm display disappears from the lockscreen, from the clock and even from the widgets. It only shows next alarm if I reset the alarm. What kind of bug this? I tried some ROM, but it is always there! Can you fix it? Really annoying.

Wifi fix / workaround

If anyone else is still suffering from non-working wifi, your wpa_supplicant.conf is probably corrupt. As per this ticket in the bug tracker, turn OFF your wifi, delete /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and then turn your wifi back ON. It will have forgotten all your networks, so you'll have to manually reconnect if your network is protected (which it should be!), but it'll work again (and will remember your networks again as you reconnect to them).

I don't have a "misc" folder

I don't have a "misc" folder in that directory. Any help?

Re: missing "misc" folder

If you're not seeing the /data/misc/ folder, you'll need to run "su" (if you're in a terminal app) or use Root Explorer (or any other file explorer which uses root access to show all files on the device). The non-superuser account doesn't have permission to see what's in /data/.

Thank you!

Thank you!


tanks... a lot of tanks.....

HW keyboard Z-Y

I have a qwerty keyboard milestone, but in the 12.22 and 12.27 updates z and y are changed. Tried to set it back to euro-qwerty with OR, but nothing changes. Could you please look into this issue? BTW thanks for the excellent work, seems pretty stable for me, with a lot of usage!
Best regards, Laszlo

No problems here, but I have

No problems here, but I have GOT 2.2.1 under CM6.1.2.

how do i edit

how do i edit /system/etc/init.d/10overclock to overclock my phone?