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CyanogenMod 6.1.2 for Milestone A853

Status: release of an unofficial CyanogenMod 6 port for Milestone

Announcement: CM6 for Milestone development continues thanks to Michael
watch this XDA thread:

Please, report bugs and issues here:

Important: Please, use the new OpenRecovery 1.46 for CM6 installation - the system partition was not being erased properly from the update package install script in older versions. (yes, it's finally fixed, Yantz ;) )
The Androidiani OR has been updated to be based on 1.46 (in version 3.3), so it's recommended too.

18.03.2011 0.08-11.03.18
- proprietary files update
- various wlan connectivity issues fixed (some N routers, wpa2, 801.x enterprise etc.), as in current CM7

28.01.2011 0.07-11.01.28
- proprietary files update (boot.img=>kernel, modules etc from SHOLS_U2_05.26.0)
- the infamous SMS bugs fixed (the OS version should actually read 2.2.2, sorry, I left 2.2.1 there)
- Greek support added to LatinIME 2.3 (including dictionary)
- ext4 module included (can be used to mount ext2 only - writing to journalled ext3/4 is not working correctly yet)
- new separate BPSW package (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0)

15.01.2011 0.06-11.01.15
- proprietary files update (boot.img, modules, libaudiopolicy), no sleep after usb/power unplug seems to be finally fixed
- added property. When set to 1, the screen will not automatically turn on when plugged to usb/power (useful especially for users of solar power adapters). Disabled by default, can be changed in /system/build.prop.
- TI OMX libs compiled from sources again (thanks, Edgard)

28.12.2010 0.05-10.12.27
- battery top charge level fixed, updated WLAN driver, ...

22.12.2010 0.04-10.12.22
- 2.3 keyboard (with all the dictionaries as usual, plus 2.3 framework/ex included), but no prediction for hw keyboard yet
- media_profiles.xml adjustments (safer high camcorder profile h264 bitrate) + small camera fixes (sounds etc.)
- small agps fix (issue 295)
- multitouch.distinct defined (fix Google Maps 5.0 rotation gesture etc.)
- bluetooth discoverabilty timeout configurable (thanks H.Czedik)
- modversion change to easily distinguish current build
- etc.

12.12.2010 0.04-10.12.12
- AAC and AMR Wideband audio encoders are finally working!
- additional video quality camcorder profile added - "middle" (customize it in /etc/media_profiles.xml)
- Camera app - fixed encoder change from UI not being used until camera reinitialization, camcorder shortcut added
- adjusted smartass governor defaults

8.12.2010 0.04-10.12.08b
- ignore light sensor when flashlight is on (better solution based on updated flashlight code), SMS time stamp fix, input method chooser dialog fix, smartass governor included etc.
- cpufreq_stats module included (b), Torch app in sync with all widget's flashlight buttons - fixes possible FC (b)
Note: there is a leftover backup file /etc/init.d/10overclock~, please delete it, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

3.11.2010: the github repos finally updated, custom building ready:

To do:
- done prepare and release the source for custom building (=> installation via in the future)
- clean up the mess in init scripts
- done by Skrilax_CZ - 2nd-init, many thanks invent some better init hijack
- done make some non polling usb fix (for now it's using the Dext3r's script - thanks)
- etc.

Download links:
Google Apps (for HDPI devices):

Additional downloads:
BPSW (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0):
- if you have not flashed the 2.2.1 sbf before, you can use this package to update you baseband processor software
adb_during_boot (for debugging purposes):

- the main init scripts are located in /system/etc/rootfs
- clocking options (frequency table, vsel table and governors) can be set in /system/etc/init.d/10overclock
- Adobe Flash can be downloaded and installed directly from Adobe web or from Android Market
- USB tethering: use Solutor's USB Tether app -
- if you have installed adb_during_boot and the usb is connected during boot, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the usb cable before you can mount the SD card to a computer. chmod 644 /system/etc/init.d/00adb_during_boot will disable the early adb mode and the mount will be possible immediately.

- use OpenRecovery Apply Update menu to install the zip copied to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates
- data wipe/factory reset is highly recommended when you are upgrading from another rom/fw or from 0.01/0.02.
- the included RIL files are for the European frequencies, if you are in Canada, US, Lat Am or Thailand, you will need to replace them to get 3g working
- if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)

OpenRecovery Mod (with CyanogenMod6 for Milestone specific customizations):
Non European radio files can be installed from menu in Androidiani OR.

Archive links:
mirror: (thanks)


Could you post the link to the german instruction, please (I'm Austrian).


Here are two:

if you register to the forum, you get to see the pictures, but they are not really essetial.
I think it describes the process in most detail, though the overclock of g.ot. OR does not work anymore.
So here is another link, which describes how to install androidiani OR while keeping g.o.t. OR (@ 2.Shritt, "Beide OpenRecoveries"). You probably should do that after you got CM6 running. Androidiani has quite a collection of features.

Though it is not really necessary to preinstall 2.2.1 anymore, in my experience if you do that, it causes less problems. So, just stick to the instructions :)


I forgot to mention that the overclock of Androidiana OR works. Thats why I mentioned it.
It also has a nice feature where you can change the DPI, so you can tell your Milestone it has a higher resolution than it acutally has. If you set it to somewhere close to 200 it looks pretty good. The effect is that you get a "bigger screen" so to speak-you just have more pixels and things get a little smaller. Still large enough to make everything out and more place for apps.


I sucessully installed CM6 two weeks following this info (see also the comments)

Last saturday wiped everything (cache/dalvik/user data) again and updated to CM7, runs almost perfectly, only some small issues but games performance is incredible, there's a huge improvement in gingerbread for GPU's matters I think

i can't find tun module in /system/lib/modules and also can't connect to the openvpn server.
Is there something missing causing the failure to use openvpn ?

Is there a chance to get the dsi errors fixed (do-it-your-self) as soon as motorola releases the official source code? Because it seems to be definitive now, that motorola won't make further changes to the pre-release.

It's possible to replace (hack) the kernel functions via modules. The question remains whether we succeed in finding the actual cause of the issue and whether a viable way to fix it will be found...

The fun will begin as soon as the kernel sources will be released.

Hello nadlabak, can you please leave a comment here whether we should keep holding our breath for the next update, or will it never happen?
I'm turning quite blue...


Flat Possum

hi nadlabak,

will you release a cm6 version with the official 2.2 kernel released today?

thanks for your great work!

New version will coming soon, i saw some update at his github page!

CM6 is freezing for a few seconds, is it caused by DSI errors? I have no idea, do you

I managed to find the problem with the chocking camcorder. I tried to tweak a stock ROM and I noticed in the /system/build.prop file that the stagefright media framework options were disabled. I then noticed that CM6's stagefright options were enabled, so I enabled them too in the stock ROM. Quadrant Standard gave me the same score as with CM6 but the camcorder started acting up on the stock ROM too. So, after I disabled the stagefright it worked fine again. All you need to do is edit the build.prop file and set to false the options that have "stagefright" in their name(there are 4[four] of them). Hope this helps.

P.S. I have to say that your Quadrant Standard score IS going to drop, but that's just because the test passes the H264 decoder test just as the standard ROM.(slower)

i've been getting random reboots. anyone else have this problem? is there a known fix?

Its probably the so called "dsi error" which is a kernel bug causing reboots.
There is no fix for that.
The newest release 008 has an updated kernel that is better. It still has the dsi error but it is supposed to be more seldom.
For some people (like me) it helped to change the SIM card.
I used to have several reboots a day, now I barely have any.
(If you happen to live in Germany try they will send you a SIM card for free)


New version is really great, very quick and stable but it seems to kill my bluetooth, Bluetooth no longer wants to turn on.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Just tried it, and it works for me.
(on 0.08-11.03.18)


how do u update?

Simple update with Androidiani OR.
The only thing I died was wiping the two caches before I updated.
Just in case: I did not skip any version, I had the latest 0.07 version when I updated to 0.08


As I read on, the official 2.2 update seems to be finally out in germany. I am assuming here, that it has a new kernel (not sure if this is really the case). Do you plan to update the kernel in your cm6 image?

The official 2.2 release (build 5.26) contains the same old kernel that has been used in CM version 0.07.
In version 0.08, there is a newer kernel build in use.

If i got it well, kernels have to be signed by Moto... so how do you manage to get a newer signed kernel that the one from the oficial update??

Btw, how's going trying to get rid of DSI errors? This 0.08 is better? Is a 0.09 in the oven with the proposed solution I read in the post?

Thanks a buch

The new kernel is a Moto Kernel. Its an arabic Kernel, apparently they are a little bit more poductive then Moto-Europe.
Therefore it is signed.
I dont think that the proposed DSI fix will be 0.09 since afaik its only a tweak and will probably be a simple update (still 0.08 with different date). Though I might be wrong.


hi nadlabak..
I try your latest DSI eror fix in github, and it confirm works. I receive no DSI error anymore.

Hallo, I've a stock Eclair rom.
For install com ora cm7 is necessary Toni flash ethernet sbf 2.2 GOT first or I can do immediatly the update?
thank you

Sorry I've write yesterday from the phone with italian dictionary and it correct some english words....
So my request is:
Hallo, I've a stock Eclair rom.
For install cm6 or cm7 is necessary to flash the sbf 2.2 GOT first or I can do simply the update?
thank you for reply me


Its not necessary anymore.


Played with some launchers on my galaxy tab and the build in taskmanager tells me
ADW Launcher: 63MB
Zeam Launcher: 15.38MB

And my milestone@1200 cm6 tells me with the help of linpack with home sets as
ADW Launcher 14,4 MFlops
Zeam Launcher 15,9 MFlops

So anyone thinks getting rid of ADW to get more free space and speed?

Thanks a lot for this comment. I tried Zeam Manager and am happy. A lot quicker than ADW, practically equal in estetic and chages from horizontal to vertical many times quicker than the last ADW that was really cumbersome.
Great launcher this unknown Zeam!!

Thanks a lot for this comment. I tried Zeam Manager and am happy. A lot quicker than ADW, practically equal in estetic and chages from horizontal to vertical many times quicker than the last ADW that was really cumbersome.
Great launcher this unknown Zeam!!

Hy Nadlabak,
thanks for all the great work.
I send you a couple of Beers today :)


Hi !
Since I installed 18.03.11 update, my battery has a 4h max life ! What can i do ?
I saw that a fix for CM6 official (Fix #9) has been released for the battery drain. Could i use it ?

anyone else having problem with adw? mine always takes so long to load... any solution?

thats probably because its getting shut down to free ram.
Did you maybe change your mem settings in androidiani OR? If so, choose one that says "keep launcher alive".
If you did not change anything, you could try the following:
At the bottom there are scripts which you can download and apply.


When it comes to speed, the CM 6.1.2 is the best Froyo you can install on a Milestone. It's fast, has plenty free memory, it's great.
However, when you boot up the Gallery, it often crashes and reboots or just freezes the phone. The Gallery app is way slower than the stock Media Gallery app, and frankly, also misses some of the best features from Media Gallery, like the ability to see all pictures at once.

There is another issue with the Camera application which works perfectly for taking photos, but freezes from time to time when shooting videos.

My suggestions are these:

1) Replace the Android Gallery application with the Motorola stock Froyo Media Gallery, and replace the Android camera app with the stock Moto camera and camcorder apps.

These are the main reasons I am still stuck with the stock Froyo, because shooting videos is very important to me(having a 10 months old kid involves a lot of filming). I am aware that there are some workarounds for the Camcorder issue, that involve wiping the Dalvik cache, but you can miss out on many great moments if the Camcorder decides to act up when you need it most.


2) Tell us how we can extract those apps from the Moto stock rom, and put them in the CM6 rom or installation.

The CM7 port is not very viable alternative right now, not really suitable for day to day use.

I understand that you are working very hard at the CM7 port, but please do not abandon the CM6 port as it is IMHO, the best Milestone ROM available.

Hi, I accidently added some contacts into blacklist.
How can I remove it from the blacklist? dont find any options in contacts.
pls help!

Hi, Im a total noob at this, i got cm6 running on my milestone but was wondering how to find out if it is the most recent version?

It works great except the tones for touch tone menus seem wrong


I have the same problem

I can not navigate any automated menu

what options in the performance settings are enabled by default?
mine has the JIT, lock home and lock message enabled.
im pretty sure that the lock home and lock message was disabled by default on the 07 version.

just wanted to say thank you very much for providing this!!! Me and a lot of other people really appreciate it a lot! More power to you guys!

Hi -- Just wanted to say thanks. :)


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