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CyanogenMod 6.1.2 for Milestone A853

Status: release of an unofficial CyanogenMod 6 port for Milestone

Announcement: CM6 for Milestone development continues thanks to Michael
watch this XDA thread:

Please, report bugs and issues here:

Important: Please, use the new OpenRecovery 1.46 for CM6 installation - the system partition was not being erased properly from the update package install script in older versions. (yes, it's finally fixed, Yantz ;) )
The Androidiani OR has been updated to be based on 1.46 (in version 3.3), so it's recommended too.

18.03.2011 0.08-11.03.18
- proprietary files update
- various wlan connectivity issues fixed (some N routers, wpa2, 801.x enterprise etc.), as in current CM7

28.01.2011 0.07-11.01.28
- proprietary files update (boot.img=>kernel, modules etc from SHOLS_U2_05.26.0)
- the infamous SMS bugs fixed (the OS version should actually read 2.2.2, sorry, I left 2.2.1 there)
- Greek support added to LatinIME 2.3 (including dictionary)
- ext4 module included (can be used to mount ext2 only - writing to journalled ext3/4 is not working correctly yet)
- new separate BPSW package (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0)

15.01.2011 0.06-11.01.15
- proprietary files update (boot.img, modules, libaudiopolicy), no sleep after usb/power unplug seems to be finally fixed
- added property. When set to 1, the screen will not automatically turn on when plugged to usb/power (useful especially for users of solar power adapters). Disabled by default, can be changed in /system/build.prop.
- TI OMX libs compiled from sources again (thanks, Edgard)

28.12.2010 0.05-10.12.27
- battery top charge level fixed, updated WLAN driver, ...

22.12.2010 0.04-10.12.22
- 2.3 keyboard (with all the dictionaries as usual, plus 2.3 framework/ex included), but no prediction for hw keyboard yet
- media_profiles.xml adjustments (safer high camcorder profile h264 bitrate) + small camera fixes (sounds etc.)
- small agps fix (issue 295)
- multitouch.distinct defined (fix Google Maps 5.0 rotation gesture etc.)
- bluetooth discoverabilty timeout configurable (thanks H.Czedik)
- modversion change to easily distinguish current build
- etc.

12.12.2010 0.04-10.12.12
- AAC and AMR Wideband audio encoders are finally working!
- additional video quality camcorder profile added - "middle" (customize it in /etc/media_profiles.xml)
- Camera app - fixed encoder change from UI not being used until camera reinitialization, camcorder shortcut added
- adjusted smartass governor defaults

8.12.2010 0.04-10.12.08b
- ignore light sensor when flashlight is on (better solution based on updated flashlight code), SMS time stamp fix, input method chooser dialog fix, smartass governor included etc.
- cpufreq_stats module included (b), Torch app in sync with all widget's flashlight buttons - fixes possible FC (b)
Note: there is a leftover backup file /etc/init.d/10overclock~, please delete it, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

3.11.2010: the github repos finally updated, custom building ready:

To do:
- done prepare and release the source for custom building (=> installation via in the future)
- clean up the mess in init scripts
- done by Skrilax_CZ - 2nd-init, many thanks invent some better init hijack
- done make some non polling usb fix (for now it's using the Dext3r's script - thanks)
- etc.

Download links:
Google Apps (for HDPI devices):

Additional downloads:
BPSW (same as in SHOLS_U2_05.26.0/SHLA_U2_05.0C.0):
- if you have not flashed the 2.2.1 sbf before, you can use this package to update you baseband processor software
adb_during_boot (for debugging purposes):

- the main init scripts are located in /system/etc/rootfs
- clocking options (frequency table, vsel table and governors) can be set in /system/etc/init.d/10overclock
- Adobe Flash can be downloaded and installed directly from Adobe web or from Android Market
- USB tethering: use Solutor's USB Tether app -
- if you have installed adb_during_boot and the usb is connected during boot, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the usb cable before you can mount the SD card to a computer. chmod 644 /system/etc/init.d/00adb_during_boot will disable the early adb mode and the mount will be possible immediately.

- use OpenRecovery Apply Update menu to install the zip copied to /sdcard/OpenRecovery/updates
- data wipe/factory reset is highly recommended when you are upgrading from another rom/fw or from 0.01/0.02.
- the included RIL files are for the European frequencies, if you are in Canada, US, Lat Am or Thailand, you will need to replace them to get 3g working
- if you are in France, you should replace ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTEU with ro.product.brand=MOTO_RTFR in /system/build.prop (the ap_gain_france.bin will be used then)

OpenRecovery Mod (with CyanogenMod6 for Milestone specific customizations):
Non European radio files can be installed from menu in Androidiani OR.

Archive links:
mirror: (thanks)


Flash my milestone.....working reboots yet...
wifi not working for me for now..I have flash cyanogen 01 not
now I am downloading this to try if wifi working

No Wifi Flash 2.1 update 1 (0.36) Root then CM 0.01B, Wifi Scan and Scan usw.

Gerat Work!!!

But please fix the aGPS, without it the GPS is nearly uselesss.

hi there im quite confuse this 2.1 or 2.2? doest flash work on this rom?thanks

nadlabak my good friend nice work, for you i actually took my old MS out of the drawer

PS: be sure to check the android-hilfe thread about your CM6. 55 pages and counting, and so far only two issues really (all others were solved by the community)

a) Agps doesnt work
b) when powered down and charging, the MS boots in the background, resulting in a panic trigger later on. I have uploaded a vid for your perusal.

Thanks nadlabak, for this great work
just wondering if this feature is possible:
- quick office
- crystal talk

Thanks nadlabak, for this great work
just wondering if this feature is possible:
- quick office
- crystal talk

more feature :)
stock audio effect app

Thank you, it-s amazing!!!

after running the system.img file at open recovery, it shows "Fail to find checksum file" ! But I've put all the 7 unzipped files into the directly already. Pls. help !

Hi nadlabak,

thx 4 your great work!!!

I would like to use some Droid CM6 Themes on your CM port for my milestone.
Which framework did you used to create the port? Do I have to mind anything else?


It's compiled from sources:
I'll post the source code modifications that I had to make in libs/audioflinger later.

... first paypal donation on it's way to you. keep up the good work!
greetz michael

input method need re-select when each reboot?and can't use moto input method
haven't crystal talk?

You Sir, are absolutely awesome :)

"Known problems:
- intermittent chaotic touch screen responses when connected to USB (known also from the official Motorola firmware)"

As far as i know (and tested by changing the ps), this is an issue with the power supply. Think it's caused by an unclean direct current.
Connected to my PC i never had such a behaviour, only on 3rd party power supply.
Using Touchscreen while also touching the MS Cover reduces the issue in my case.

Oh, and of course:GREAT Work!!!


I have got it(0.01b), Dloaded and installed with GOT recovery. It went fine with a factory reset (otherwise, it was looping on bootanimation).
Once installed, at the first boot I got no data connection (either 2g or 3g), I tried to set/unset the corresponding options in wireless connection tab, but effect.
I had also issues on the wifi connection. I couldn't connect to my lan (wpa/wpa2 psk), whixh was possible with the 2.1 update2 I backed up just before.

Apart from that, it has a very nice speed improvement, and looks correct, but these 2 issues forced me to restore my backup until it's fixed.
Hope that next release will solve that ;-).
I got a french milestone, and is with Orange carrier, if it can help you.


Everything back in order. For the data connections, I had to manually set the APNs to the correct one, which not the case by default (may be i'm too used to automatic stuffs ;-). Then it looks like it also solved the wifi issue - it may not be this as i tried a lot of options, may one of it unlock the wifi probleme.

2 improvements would be nice:
-there is no more alarm clock available in the app drawer. We can only get the alarm clock of the dock menu. I have been looking for it, but now if we forgot the dock at home, no possibility to have an alarm clock...

-The camera application is looking like an improved version of the very first droid/milestone one. It's ugly and doesn't look like taking good picture. I didn't make detailed comparison, but inside pictures are not really as good as 2.1 cam app.

thanks a VERY lot for your good work, this ROM is absolutely huge... 1630 on Quadrant at 1.2GHz is "huge" ;-). Still working at 800~900 with a nice experience.


Hi nadlabak,
Great work.
Is there any benchmark score that can be shared?

Benchmarked using quadrant, result is below Nexus 2.2, equal to Droid X
maybe need some tweaking later

I love your work...
I just have two issues:
USB Tethering doesn't work.
When WiFI activated, the log says, i't starting on tiwlan0 otherwise on usb0
However, I didn't manage to use it.
Maybe I was too stupid :P

Besides that, the Audio Player eats quite alot CPU for me.
(System panel lite averages it at 38%.. and the rest of the system seems quite slow then. Android itself said it consumes almost as much power as the display does)
I hope it's not an issue with my files, but the original firmware did never have any problems with it

I feel the same issue, the rest of the system is obviously slowed down when I am playing music with audio player.
Sometime I even can't scrolls / pinch-to-zoom inside Dolphin Browser.
Can you please issue a bug in the issue tracker if you can test it again?
(my phone is not on my hand right now and i couldn't test it yet)

Hi, I use mixzing player and I have no problems with it, nothing slows down. I recommend it.

Hi nadlabak,

thanks for this good work.


I have used it for 2 days, and its just reboots and everything works

Thanks a LOT i waited a lot for this...i will never change my ROM again

I feel absolutely the same.... Cannot thank the Creator of this enough

how to enable app2sd? i cant move app now

Is it possible to run that Firmware on Motorla Milestone XT720? or is it just for the Milestone. And if no, will there be a CyanogenMod for the Xt720?

Could you make available for other phones? I'm looking to get a CHARM... : )


I have installed this on my Telus Milestone (unlocked) in Canada and have entered the Rogers APN settings, but the device isn't finding the Rogers network. Any suggestions?

I managed to get the device to pick up the Rogers network by using the Canadian radio file someone else posted, but if I reboot my phone, it loses the network again, so I have to boot to recovery and reapply the update.
Additionally, the wallpapers do not update properly. *Sometimes* when I change the wallpaper, it changes to the grass wallpaper or no wallpaper at all, even if I choose something else.

Look into ADW Launcher settings - there is Wallpaper Hack in System Preferences. Switch it OFF.

I know it has native froyo app2sd , but i have ext 2 partition made in got recovery, can i enable that kind of app2sd here? (from got recovery)

BTW: anyone had any short battery life issues ??? would it be optimised somehow in future?

Hi, I can't zoom with the camera, there is an option in the app but it don't do anything.

Great ROM other way thanks.

very nice work ;)

no reboots, no bugs at this time

-FuFu- from

Does not detect all sd cards..app2sd does not work does not detect my generic sd card but other roms do

Great work guys, keep up for that battery drain problem

TimeTurn from

Thank you so much! I'm really glad that nadlabak is taking care of the milestone users. Looks like motorola don't care about us anymore. F*** Moto.
Donation sent ;-)

Almost perfect, but (while charging?) sometimes reboots or freezes. The battery discharge really fast, 10% in 2 hours if I don't use it at all, without 3G, WiFi or Bluetooth, and none of the apps running in the background. Could it be caused by the new Gallery? I saw this earlier, Nexus Gallery I think, after I installed it, my milestone discharged in 6 hours without any usage. Can I remove it from this ROM without instability to see what will happen?

I removed it, and some other stuff, like Amazon MP3.. We'll see if there will be any change.

Thanks anyway, it's a really good mod! I like it!

Congratulations for this wonderful ROM. My only question is about the camera, it doesn´t seem to shoot in widescreen format anymore. Is this so?

i had a Milestone with Android 2.1 and downgraded it to 2.0, so I could start Open Recovery.
First I copied the "OpenRecovery" file and the on my SD-Card, in the Nandroid file I copied the content of the Than I started the Recovery Mode (Camera+Power) and load the, so Open Recovery started. There first I rooted my Milestone, than I made a backup. In the next step I restored the MM1_CM6_alpha_0.01b Backup. Last I do a factory reset and restared the phone.

But now there is only a black screen with the Motorola logo in the center and nothing else happend!
What had i do wrong?
Thanks for every help!

hi Rene, You have to wipe cache/factory reset

Why did you downgraded to 2.0? Have you tried under 2.1+vulnerable recovery? I think it doesn't matter (because you overwrite the full system), but who knows.. maybe.

Hello Rene,

I'm having the exact same problem. Could you find out any solution?


First of all thank you very much for this mod,but I have a problam:
I'm using Motorola's 2.1-update1 and I have restored all the files from the mod (it doesn't work otherwise) and the process crashes every 5 seconds.
Can you help me solve this issue?

anyone can play storm8 game?
i can't login on cm6 rom


first of all....VERY NICE JOB!!!! You're Awesome!

I had some troubles installing the to do this?
Just rename and try to update failed...


I had upgraded my phone for 2 days and it works great. Everything works: GPS, Wifi, Camera... Just the battery drains so quick. But I love this rom, thanks a lot. Keep working good :D


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