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Samba mount - cifs kernel module for Milestone

Compiled from Motorola kernel sources.

Allows to mount a samba (windows) share, so you can e.g. play avi movies over wi-fi directly from a remote shared folder using e.g. RockPlayer.

Unlike the samba support in the ES Explorer, no downloading to a temp file on the SD card takes place and there's no waiting for the download to finish before the playback begins. When using this kernel module, from the applications' point of view, there's no difference between the network files and the local files on the SD card.

mount -t cifs //<ip>/<share> /<mount point> -o username=<user>,password=<password>

insmod /system/lib/modules/cifs.ko
busybox mount -t cifs // /sdcard/samba -o username=guest

then watch some movies... and later unmount it to save the battery:
busybox umount /sdcard/samba

I recommend to use the GScript application for the mount and umount scripts, then you can put them as GScript shortcuts somewhere on your screen...

Update: There is a new application CifsManager that simplifies the mounting and loading of the module:

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